Let’s Have A Serious Conversation About Business Intelligence

“What Is A Competitive Analysis & Business Intelligence Report? And Why Do I Need One?”

“The better you understand your market and its opportunities, the better you will be able to apply creativity”. — Philip Kotler

Business is tough. We’re entrepreneurs too so we get it. Let’s just for a moment make it easier for you. We have a proven way, a formula if you will… to engage and convert traffic leads, and more, a lot more actually but it all starts with what is called “A Competitive Analysis & Business Intelligence Report.”

Let’s face it, most business owners make many mistakes due to not knowing or by making unwise moves and can end up spending money on marking that has no ROI.

Not knowing how to convert leads into sales is a common challenge for business owners. Not knowing who their clientele is; or, and this is a big one… Not knowing who they are in competition with, yes their competitors. Like in the quote “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Throughout history this has proven to be very valuable. The key point here is to “know who your competition is” and then we can address what these means to you and how you can begin to strategically marketing your business with precision. Who dominates your niche market? Who has traction? These are the insights that can transform a business into a profit center.

Business Intelligence & Competitive Analysis Report

Get Competitive


With Business Intelligence you have the answers to these questions along with the “know how, and are empowered to plan, to cater to and develop relationships which lead to repeat business, stories that spread by word of mouth. What do  happy customers do I ask you? Well they tell their friends and so on.

Basically with the Business Intelligence report you have the instructions to play your best game ever. Granted it’s online, but you get the idea. With that knowledge we can gather, analyze and gain strategic insights to not only pinpoint your clientele but cater to them.

Knowledge is power, with Business Intelligence you know who your competition is and what works for them and what does not.

Turn On Your Competitive Intelligence


We leverage white hat, integrity based technology to track and analyze, which makes targeting not only easier but smarter. The more informed you are the better business decisions you’re able to make, costly spending aimlessly is curtailed not to mention the time and energy saved on Not Knowing. I’ll bet you find that you sleep better at night too.