Craig Jacobson

Open Spaces Marketing Core Values and Our Mission.

Our Mission is to empower small business to grow and achieve their goals.
Our values are to:
1. Face adversity with optimism
2. Practice open communication
3. Do what we say we will do
4. Do the right thing
5. Be humble
6. Innovate
7. Believe in people and their dreams
We sell and service Infusionsoft. As such, we fully embrace the core values of Infusionsoft Click here to view
We are small business owners and understand them. We want to ways to be of value to our clients and help them.
No project is too large or too small.
Our goal is to have every client become a raving fan who can’t help but tell others about how we helped them.

 More Site Traffic  More Targeted Conversions Equate To More Sales

Scope of Services
Infusionsoft Centric
– Infusionsoft marketing system plan and build
– Infusionsoft opportunity management for sales automation
– Infusionsoft shopping cart build
– Infusionsoft Affiliate system build
– Infusionsoft API integrations to other web applications
Marketing Centric
– Marketing System design & Build
– Sales/Marketing System review and tune-up
– Keyword Research and competitor analysis
– Traffic Strategy plan/ execute (SEO & PPC & Direct Mail)
Sales Centric
– Examine Lead qualification process
– Recommend sales stages
Small Business Centric
– Review entire go to market strategy & recommend changes
– Review sales marketing system and metrics & propose improvements
History of Infusionsoft Certification
Craig Jacobson has been certified by Infusionsoft since 2007 first in their ICC program (Infusionsoft ICC) or Infusionsoft certified consultant. We are proud that Craig was the first ICC in Southern California.

Then Infusionsoft changed the designation to CMAC (Infusionsoft CMAC) or Infusionsoft certified marketing automation coach.

Now in 2011, Infusionsoft Certified Consultants is their top designation. Infusionsoft has been tightening up the program to make sure Infusionsoft clients are being delivered well and providing a valuable service.

We practice “Lifecycle Marketing” to grow our customer’s businesses. We have been trained by our friends at Infusionsoft in this style of marketing. We have participated in the development of this over the past 7 years. The basic idea is that your business’s marketing can be structured to build and nurture client relationships overtime.

The training covers the Infusionsoft application in depth plus several bonuses of effective techniques. They covered their “Perfect Customer Lifecycle” mapping technique so we can consistently execute and expand on the PLC maps the Infusionsoft “Quickstart” coaches develop with Infusionsoft users/business owners.

We have many clients who have “graduated” from the Infusionsoft 7 hours planning/execution process and then seek our assistance to plan and execute more business building activities.
We provide services of three varieties:
1. We Sell Infusionsoft and Implement the new Infusionsoft systems.

2. We Improve existing Infusionsoft based marketing systems.

3. We provide ongoing support and management of the marketing system.

If you need assistance just complete the form and we’d be glad to help you.

“Choose to be excellent. Focus on results and serving your clients and good things happen.” Craig Jacobson